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Ayurvedic Medicine For Anemia:
Ayurvedice medicine found to be very effective for anemia problems. Below listed Ayurvedic product gives instant relief in anemia problem without any side effects. All these Ayurvedic medicine contains some great natural herbs which makes them very effective and useful for health & Their unique herbal formulation gives relief from anemia.
<b.What is anemia?
In human body, hemoglobin plays an important role as it delivers oxygen to all parts of body for consumption and then it carries back carbon dioxide to lungs for exhaling it out of body. And when the hemoglobin level is low, this process gets impaired and results into anemia.
Types of anemia
• Iron deficiency anemia – this is caused due to the shortage of irons in body, Vitamin deficiency anemia – this is caused due to the lack of B12 vitamins., Anemia of chronic disease – there are certain chronic diseases such as Aids or kidney disease etc , and these reduces the production of red blood cells in body, Aplastic anemia – this is caused when body does not produce enough kr adequate red blood cells because of infections or medicines etc. Sickle cell anemia – in this, hemoglobin is impaired due to which it forces red blood cells to assume an abnormal sickle shape. In this, irregular blood cells die prematurely. Symptoms.
Home remedies for anemia:
Yogurt – person having Anemia should take yogurt twice a day, Beetroot juice- person should drink beetroot juice daily, Copper water – one should keep water in copper vessel overnight then drink it in the morning, Sesame seeds – soak sesame seeds in water for 3 hours and then grind them into paste and then take this paste with honey everyday, Raisins and dates – eat raisins and dates in the morning everyday