Get Glowing Skin Naturally By Doing Simple Yoga

The fair and glowing skin is one of the most important part of our beauty. We are always very conscious about our face glow or skin glow and try various types of face wash,face pack,scrubs etc. but all these things are not give natural glow to us this glow is just for maximum one week and suppose if we want to go any party,meeting,conference,dinner,etc.than we start to do facial,massages etc. so that our skin start to glow is this work?

we all know that is not natural process for getting glowing skin but in the field of yoga it can be easily done by doing some very simple yoga poses. Many times we think that how the stars or actors always have shining face does they use costlier face pack,facial etc. Most of them doing yoga or several exercise to get glowing skin.So finally you reached at right place and it’s time to get natural glowing skin by doing very simple and effective yoga poses.Here is a list of yoga poses:



This pose is very simple and very effective in getting GLOWING SKIN.It is also good for our neck,shoulder and back pain. These pain are just because of `stress and bad positioning of the body since the stress directly or indirectly affects the glow of skin that’s why I recommended you this pose.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Helpful in getting glowing skin

2.Reducing stress and extra fat

3.Beneficial for spine and shoulder

4. Increase the flexibility of spine


The BOW POSE is a hath yoga pose as can be understand by the name the pose of this exercise resembles the BOW that’s why it is called bow pose. However, the pose is very beneficial specially for those people who suffers from over weight.This pose is also good for getting glowing skin because it is breathing exercise that provides oxygen to our whole body and improves the blood circulation.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Good for getting glowing skin

2.Helpful in improving the blood circulation

3. good for weight loss

4.Beneficial for diabetes patients


The pose is commonly known as SAVASANA. In this type of yoga pose the whole body is getting relaxed for sometime. Generally,it is done when all the yoga poses done by you and at last to provide relaxation to your whole body this pose is good.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Good for glowing skin

2.Provides relaxation to whole body

3.Good for high blood pressure

4. Helps in balancing the body


One of the most famous and easiest yoga pose. It is breathing exercise which is very beneficial for our respiratory organs.Friends i just want to clear one concept that if you have better oxygen in your blood and if you digestive system is good than you will get natural glowing skin. Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Good for breathing organs

2.Helpful to open the path of nostrils

3.Helps in improve the glow of skin


As can be easily understand by the name the pose of of this exercise is just like FISH.This pose is very effective to get GLOWING SKIN and also beneficial for our various parts of our body.The main function of this pose is to purify the blood and hence improves the g lowness of the body.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Provide glowing skin to body

2.Good for spinal cord

3.Good for ASTHMA patients

4.Helps in reducing the belly fat


This pose is commonly known as BALASANA.The child pose is used to calm the whole body.The pose is very good option to get glow on in skin because it improves the breathing and as i mentioned above by improving our digestive system we can improve the the glow of our skin. Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Very helpful in ANXIETY

2.Good for getting GLOWING SKIN

3.Good for the spine


1.Try to drink more water in a day

2.Try to avoid polluted environment

3.Try to do yoga regularly for better results

4.Try to improve your digestive system

note:all the yoga poses should do under the guidance of fitness trainer this site is not responsible for any injury and the yoga poses are good for your or not.

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