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Ayurvedic Medicines For Acidity:
Acidity is a condition in which we feel burning sensation in chest. When the gastric gland of stomach produces gastric or hydrochloric acid (HCL) in excess amount which moves from stomach to esophagus.
Therefore the person experiences symptoms like burning sensations in the chest, dyspepsia, heartburn, ulcers in the stomach and so on. And the term acidity is used to connote such condition.
Causes Of Acidity & Hyper-Acidity:
Overeating, spicy food,Intake of Acidic food like lemon etc.
Symptoms Of Acidity & Hyper-Acidity:
Burning sensation in the stomach or severe pain in abdomen and chest, sour taste in the mouth,Difficulty in swallowing,Vomiting etc.
Prevention For Acidity & hyper-acidity:
Avoid Over Eating,Reducing weight,Increase water intake, avoid junk food etc.
Along with the diet changes medicine are also required to take control over acidity.
All the below listed ayurvedic medicines for acidity are found to be very effective & Useful & 100% free from side effects.
These ayurvedic medicines gives instant relief from acidity. Also gives long term relief.