How Yoga Works For Our Health


Yoga is an exercise which is very good for our health. it has lots of benefits in our body. By doing yoga we can improve our mental as well as physical health. there are lots of yoga poses(commonly known as yoga asana) which have their own functioning inside body. yoga is the combination of physical and mental exercise as well as meditation. all these exercise are very useful for us. yoga is an Indian exercise which started about 5000 year ago. if we see our day to day routine than we noticed that we have not too much time for external physical activities but it is also compulsory to give some time to our health. in that case yoga plays vital only one hour of the early morning is sufficient for our health. by doing yoga we can easily maintain our health also. most of us suffered from indigestion of food, respiratory problems, etc. so in that yoga is also workable lots of people get benefit from it not only in normal health it is also good in the disease like asthma, over weight is also good for our brain the exercise like meditation has a great impact on our mental health.


Yoga has lots of benefits. its just like a exercise but the principle of doing that exercise is different from others. in other exercises like jogging, walking, weight lifting etc. we want some space and also equipments to these exercise but in case of yoga we does not required to much space only small portion of the floor and a comfortable platform is required to that. it is strongly advised that the yoga should be done in early morning of the day.

many of us are very confused about that there are lots poses so which should be better for us and what type of yoga should we do first? all these things create confusion in our mind but the answer of this question is depends on your need because all the people have their own demand in the other words many of us suffered from back pain while other from knee pain, lungs problem etc. so it is compulsory to you that first you should focus on your body what your body needs. on that behalf you should select the yoga pose because suppose if a person suffers from knee problem but he regularly doing a yoga for the back pain than he will get relief in knee problem but it does not mean that yoga is only for those person who suffers from body problems. it is also good in maintaining our health. there are lots of exercises though which we can make our body healthier and also do regular.


Lots of people getting relief from yoga. it has numerous of advantages in our day to day life. as we all know our schedule of the day is very busy not too much time to give to our health. in all these circumstances our mental as well as physical health decreases in that case yoga plays such vital it helps in maintaining both mental and physical health. moreover, many of our are suffered from high blood pressure, asthma, back pain, knee pain, etc. so for all these problems yoga is one of the best solution. try it to be in your life as soon as possible for your better and healthy health. in brief we can say that yoga has such a great effect on our body.

if you any question and want from me to write for your disease or any health problem than comment here.

disclaimer: all the yoga poses should under the guidance of fitness or yoga trainer.

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