Best Effective Yoga Poses For Senior Citizens

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Best Effective Yoga Poses For Senior Citizens

SENOR CITIZENS HEALTH ANALYZE: We all know that as our age increases the healthiness of our body or the proper functioning of body also decreases.So, the main thing is that as we grown or goes from younger to elder state than the physical and mental strength of our body also decreases rapidly that’s why many… Read More

Yoga Solution For Your Back Pain

WHAT’S THE REASON FOR OUR BACK PAIN: Now a days, the life becoming too hard and also too competitive we have no too much time for giving relief to our back pain.The BACK PAIN is very common problem in many people. Many of us working for long hours in a day by sitting onto the… Read More

Loose your Weight With Simple Yoga Poses

Now a days over weight disease is spreading in all over the world. All types of generation whether elders ,younger, children,womens. suffers from over weight. Basically,over weight is not very dangerous but when it getting older the impact of extra calories on our health is very bad. so, it is very compulsory to start concentrate… Read More

How Yoga Works For Our Health

WHAT IS YOGA AND ITS FUNCTIONING? Yoga is an exercise which is very good for our health. it has lots of benefits in our body. By doing yoga we can improve our mental as well as physical health. there are lots of yoga poses(commonly known as yoga asana) which have their own functioning inside body.… Read More