Loose your Weight With Simple Yoga Poses

Now a days over weight disease is spreading in all over the world. All types of generation whether elders ,younger, children,womens. suffers from over weight. Basically,over weight is not very dangerous but when it getting older the impact of extra calories on our health is very bad. so, it is very compulsory to start concentrate on our over weight from starting if we ignore that problem than it may be serious problem for us in future. Yoga is one of the best solution to reduce the over weight of our body. lots of people in the world getting relief from over weight by doing yoga. people think that yoga is very tough exercise,believe me friends it is not too much difficult exercise. It’s just like a exercise which makes our life healthier. In my I am trying to give simple poses but very effective for your health so that you can easily do and getting relief from over weight problem.But if you want that these yoga poses is very effective for you that you should do these yoga poses in proper manner. The best timing of doing yoga in the early hours of the day but if you are not able to do in early than you can also do the exercise at around 9.00 to 10.00PM . Moreover, our body functioning is not responsible for over weight. We are responsible for over weight. Here are some reasons, may one of the reason as mentioned below is responsible for your over weight:

1.Indigestion of food and improper function of digestive enzymes

2.Eating fat food beyond a limit

3.Not doing too much work(physical work)

4.Not to do exercise regularly

5.Eating extra calorie food



This pose is commonly known as “VEERBHADRA ASANA”. This pose is very beneficial in over weight and specially for those people who sit for long hours of the day because it is very helpful for our spinal.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.improves the digestion

2.helps in stretching the back

3.provide strength to our thighs


As we all know oxygen is very essential for our body,this pose provides oxygen to our muscles and also used to melt the calories of our body. it provides strength to our stomach.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Good for over weight

2.Helps to provide strength to our abdoment

3.Provide perfect metabolism to the body


if you are a fresher than it is very beneficial for you. the pose of this exercise is very simple but also very effective.The pose is commonly known as “DANDAASANA”.Here are some benefits of that pose:

1.Improves the flexibility of hips

2.Good for the digestion

3.Stretches the muscles of the leg

4.Very good in case of asthma


This exercise is very popular and effective. there are lots of people in the world getting relief from that pose because it has numerous of advantages.Here are some benefits of it:

1.Good for lower back and also for hip

2.Beneficial in menstrual discomfort

3.Improves the flexibility in hip area

4.Helps in stretching the thighs,lower region and knees


As we all know over weight is just the result of extra fat or storage of extra calories inside the body which in turns depends on our life style try to make change your life style.Yoga will be more beneficial for you if you regularly doing yoga about 50 to 60minutes in a day. I am not forcing you if you have not stamina to do exercise than try to increase your slowly slowly and do exercise with full energy. Here are some more tips for you:

1.Try to avoid fat food as much as possible

2.Try to do yoga in the early morning of the day

3.Try to go outside activities or outdoor games specially for children

4.Try that the food you eat can be easily digested by you (don’t over eat”)

Disclaimer:all the instruction given in that post should do under the guidance of fitness trainer.site is not responsible,these yoga poses are effective for over weight or not

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