Best Effective Yoga Poses For Senior Citizens

We all know that as our age increases the healthiness of our body or the proper functioning of body also decreases.So, the main thing is that as we grown or goes from younger to elder state than the physical and mental strength of our body also decreases rapidly that’s why many of us suffers from various types of diseases like asthma,heart problems,back pain,knee pain etc. all these diseases are very common may many of us suffered from very serious types of disease.friends my main aim is to tell you that as we grown our health level is going to decrease, so it is very compulsory to maintain our health and make our body diseases free as much as possible but if you are serious about your health and want to maintain it that it requires a little hard work.Here are some yoga poses for you which is beneficial for you.



As can be understand from the name this type is based on standing position. this pose is very simple and very effective specially for elders. This pose is commonly knows as “KATTICHAKRASANA“Here are some benefits of this yoga pose:

1.Good for the arms and for the legs

2.Very helpful in getting the relief from the back pain

3.Helpful in digestion and circulation

4.Helps in providing the strength to the abdominal muscles

5.It is also helps in reducing the anxiety and stress


AS can be understand from the name the pose of this exercise is just like the position of the child.The pose this exercise is not very difficult its pretty simple and good for our nervous system.It is studied that at elder our nervous works slow as compare to the younger age so, from that point of view it is very good for you. Here are some benefits of it:

1.Helps in releasing the tension from back

2.Provide relaxation in the back or spine

3.Providing relief in constipation

4.Helps in calming the body and mind

5.Helps in stretching the spine,thighs and ankles


This pose very good for all the beginners because it is very simple and helps in maintaining the day to day life. moreover, it has also lots of benefits which very useful for our body. Here are some benefits of it:

1.Improves the digestion of the body

2.stretches the muscles of legs is strongly recommended for asthma patients

4.good for respiratory problems


This pose is very famous just because of its simplicity and effectiveness. The pose of this exercise is jus t like SITTING ON TO THE CHAIR. Here are some benefits of CHAIR POSE:

1.Helps in stretching the shoulder and chest

2.Providing strength to the spine,ankle and thighs

3.Gives relief from menstrual discomfort

4.Tones the legs muscles greatly


The relaxation is one of the most easiest pose ever no other pose is just very simple like that. in that pose the body is properly relaxed and its’s just about the concentration of the brain. more you concentrate more benefits you get. Here are some benefits of RELAXATION POSE:

1.Relax the whole body

2.Improves the concentration power of the brain

3.improves the heart and pulse rate

4.Reduces the stress


At the age between 50-70or 75 our bones are very sensible and should take care of that. moreover,we should ensure that the yoga poses which we are doing is affected for specific part of our body for e.g. if a person suffered from knee pain and the continuously doing exercise of knee than he may get bad effect of that pose so,take training or do under the guidance of fitness trainers,so, that you can get better result of yoga.

DISCLAIMER:all yoga poses should do under the guidance of fitness trainer site is not responsible for any injury or yoga is beneficial for you or not


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  1. yoga day is celebrated on 21st june and all old people should participate it.

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