Shipping Details

Hi Dear Visitor

Tracking is very easy stuff on When you order any product from our site than with in two days we provide you the tracking number which helps to track the exact location of your parcel.

There are two options of shipping:

  1. Express Shipping Deliver Your parcel within 7-9 Days With Detailed Tracking Information.
  2. Economy Shipping Deliver Your parcel within 15-18 Days Limited Tracking Information.

Express shipping cost more as compare to economy shipping. However the more you order less you need to pay for shipping.

Shipping Helpline Information:

Please NoteWe always made the use of your country government post office services.

In case of any query of your parcel location you can simply call to your government post office helpline number and tell them your tracking number given by the FineYog Team.

They will let you know the exact location as well as delivery time of your parcel. However, you can also contact us anytime if you have any issue in shipping.

For better understanding please see below:

International Parcels:

You can track you parcel here:

For India:

Here you can see the details of your parcel and check the exact location

If you are not available on address or sometimes not available due to any reason than we will wait for 15 days till that you can goto your nearest post office and take your parcel from them or location you see in the tracking information.