Problem Of Asthma Yoga Might Solution For You

As we all know ASTHMA is a disease which is related to our respiratory system .Now a days asthma seems to be very common disease in all around the the world just because of respiratory system. In this disease we feel problem in inhalation of air( The process in which the air goes into the lungs) in the other words during the inhalation process we feel like obstacles in our air path or respiratory path. moreover,if we suffers from asthma we can not run,walk faster and and also can not able to do heavy exercise but to get relief in that disease yoga is one of the best solution because there are several exercise or yoga poses which helps in improving our breathing capability of the lungs and show good results. Generally,Asthma is very common disease in elder people but in that days many children and youngster are suffering from it.therefore, by doing yoga we can improve our health and makes our breathing system good as much as possible. Many surveys shows that yoga very effective in asthma.Many of the asthma patients try various ways to get relief in asthma but believe us friends yoga improves the asthma and may help to cure permanently.


Butterfly pose:

This exercise is one of the most famous exercise just because of its simplicity and lots of benefits.Many people getting relief from that exercise. but for asthma patients the breathing process is a big problem so that’s why they are bounded in particular time or period for doing exercise. I can not decide here your time duration because every person have its own stage of asthma so it is strongly recommended by me that do the exercise but at that stage where your body allows you.Here are some benefits of it:

1.Helpful in asthma

2. Relief from menstural discomfort

3.Improves the flexibility of the hip

4.Helps in stretching


The pose is commonly known as “DANDASANA “. This pose is very simple and also beneficial for the asthma patients and also for all the beginners. When you doing this pose try to get deeper air inside the lungs or body and than release the air after 4to 7sec so that your lungs being comfortable with that pose and allow you to do that exercise.Here are some benefits of that pose:

1.Improves digestion

2.Helpful in asthma

3.Stretches the muscles

4.Improves the flexibility of the lower region of the body


As can be easily understand by the name the position of this pose is like mountain. this pose is effective in asthma because it helps in improving the blood circulation of the body. by improving our blood circulation our breathing process is also improve.

Here are some benefits of this pose:

1.Provides strength to the thighs

2.good for asthma patients

3.Improves the blood circulation


This pose is not famous but from my point of view you should that exercise because it is directly or indirectly related to our respiratory system and it is very good for our lungs. By doing this exercise we can improve our breathing capability.In this pose one of the side of the nose is depressed while the other side is used for taking the oxygen after that the depressed side of nose is open while the open side of nose is depressed than release the whole air from that side. Repeat this process for 5 to 10 times.

Here are some benefits of it:

1.Increases the breathing capability of the lungs

2.Helps in clearing the respiratory path like nostrills bronchiils etc.

3.good for asthma patients


One of the most important yoga pose because it is very famous breathing exercise . since the asthma related to the breathing problem that’ why i am recommended you that exercise. Moreover, it is not only beneficial for our lungs it is also helpful in improving the blood circulation of the body.

Here are some benefits of this pose:

1.Improves the blood circulation

2.Helpful in over weight

3.Good for asthma patients


asthma 2 modified

1.Try to avoid the dusty environment

2.Regular use of yoga may improve your health

3.Avoid smoking

4.Should consult to the doctor

NOTE:All the exercise should do under the guidance of fitness trainer. this site is not responsible for any injury and the above poses are effective for you or not

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