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when ever you use this site for any purpose like reading or purchasing any product you are bound to agree with our terms and conditions.In the other words when you use our site you have to agree with our conditions. It is requested to all the users please take a regular interval look so that you can be up to date with any changes in our terms and conditions.This site is not made on the instruction of divya pharmacy,this site is only works as to provide divya product and baba ramdev product,it does not mean that we have agreement or any other contract with them.we are just selling their products


We advised you to take advice from your doctor before buying any product from our site. Our site is not responsible for any harm and any type of side effects.You buy product from our site at your own risk. For better results you should read manufacturing details of products and take that in right manner. Moreover,our any adviser,employs or any people not responsible of any harm.So you should consult to your doctor or health adviser before taking any medicine.Information and product given on this website not been evaluated by FDA and not intended to treat,cure for any disease.Generally,we gave you advice how to take medicine either orally or written but we are not responsible or not give you any warranty that the information is right or not. we are not responsible for any problem.


Our product charges basically includes our maintenance and administrative charges.whenever,you buy any product from our site you are agree with our rates you can not claim that any prize issue.


For the facility of our customers we are giving them great option,if you want to return our product than you can return it within 6days after receiving the parcel. product will only accept if it is not opened and in its original condition.Shipping charges will be cutoff from your payment and after receiving parcel,we will give your money.


We are giving you free of cost shipping . There is no need to pay any shipping charges(registered mail air service),we will pay shipping charges from our own pocket.However,if you want quick delivery than you have to pay for your order depends on the weight. we use registered post office for posting any parcel to you.

our shipping timing which is free of cost normally takes only 2.5 weeks.However,if you are in hurry than you have to pay for this and this type delivery(CALLED EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE) takes only 7 to 9 days.

NOTE:It is very rare case that our parcel is getting delayed due to custom rules of your country and may some other reasons.


We are running this site from various locations so the content given on this site may bed illegal or not allow to use in your country so in that case you are responsible to use this site we are not responsible for any type of complaint related to the data or any product of our website.Please be aware from your local laws while using this site.


All the copyrights of this site is reserved no one have the power to copy the content of our site and use it in other places. we also have the right to close or remove any data or content from our site as changing in laws taken place.we have the right to delete any account from our site if we notice any false things happen.we can also cancel the order of any customer.since we have limited products so we can remove any product at any time. however, if order is accepted than it will definitely reach to you.


If you not agree with our terms and conditions that it is advised you to not use this site or leave this site.If you use this site than it means you agree with our terms and conditions.


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