Yoga Solution For Your Back Pain

Now a days, the life becoming too hard and also too competitive we have no too much time for giving relief to our back pain.The BACK PAIN is very common problem in many people. Many of us working for long hours in a day by sitting onto the same chair and not get proper comfortableness for our spine just because of this we face back pain but it does not mean that only this reason is responsible there are several more reason for our back pain like stand for long hours,not giving proper rest to our back or spine,bend the upper region the body again and again also causes back pain,stress is also a reason of our back pain.So the question is that is there any way to get relief from our back pain and is there any way to free from pain in our back? friends we strongly recommended you the yoga because yoga is one of the most effective way to get relief in back pain. there are many people in all around the world who see tremendous result in their back pain by doing some very simple yoga poses.In this site we are suggesting you selected and very effective yoga poses for you.These poses are very good for back pain and regular practice of these yoga poses may show better results for you.It does not whether you are suffering from chronic pain and just want to stretch your back.



As can be easily understand by the name BRIDGE POSE helps to make the in the form of BRIDGE. This pose is very simple but very effective specially in case of “BACK PAIN” because in this pose the whole body concentration comes onto the spine that’s why it is recommended in BACK PAIN.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Very helpful to give relief in BACK PAIN

2.It also improves the digestion

3.Helpful in reducing the anxiety

4.Reduce the anxiety disorder

5.Very effective for asthma patients


As we all know friends this one of the most effective yoga pose just because of its numerous of benefits and also just because of its simplicity. In case of “BACK PAIN” and HIP the pose is very good and effective. for more study like instructions and benefits you can click on “BUTTERFLY POSE” (heading)


The Fish pose is very good specially for those people who have no too much time to give relax to their body and also suffers from neck pain. It is also very helpful in shoulder pain. Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Helps in stretching the upper neck and back

2.Good for abdominal organ

3.Helpful in “BACK PAIN”


The yoga pose is specially recommend to the men’s because they spend too much time in day by sitting onto the single chair it is sitting pose and that’s why good for spine. For more study like instructions and benefits you can click on “HERO POSE” (heading)


It is commonly known as “BALASANA”.The pose is very simple and very helpful to get relief from BACK PAIN. This is resting pose and practiced in fetal position.It is also good for getting relief from neck and shoulder pain.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Helps in releasing the tension in back

2.Good in case of ANXIETY and STRESS

3.Good for our breathing organs

4.Effective in BACK PAIN


In this yoga pose position of the body is resembles the dead body that’s why it is commonly called “SAVASANA”. The pose is very useful to give relaxation in BACK PAIN and also good for reducing the blood pressure of the body.Usually it is done when at the time of ending the yoga to make your body relax and calm.Here are some more benefits of it:

1.Good for BACK PAIN

2.Helpful for the breathing parts of the body

3.Good for ANXIETY


This pose is generally used for opening the hips. There are many variations in this pose each have their own functioning in the body.The pose is made specially for the beginners and also who suffers from BACK PAIN and HIP problem.Here are some more benefits of PIGEON POSE:

1.Improves the urinary problem

2.Helps in opening the hips

3.Good for BACK PAIN

4.Improves the hips flexibility


back pain 2 modified

1.Try to give comfort position to your spine

2.Avoid sitting and standing for long hours

3.Always drive your vehicle at limited distance

4.Do regular practice of yoga

5.Try to avoid weight lifting if suffers from BACK PAIN

NOTE:all the poses should do under the guidance of fitness trainer the site is not responsible for any harm and the poses are beneficial for you or not.

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