Patanjali Ayurvedic Medicine For Cough And Cold

As air pollution increased, allergies, cough and cold are common things happen to people. Use of allopathic medicines are synthetic drugs which gives instant relief but not for long time, dosage of these medicines make us used too of it and it affects health too. Everyone is aware of the fact that natural ingredients like leaves such as tulsi, adrak, mulaethi and honey are the natural and beneficial things which can be used daily and has no any harmful effect on a person.
Patanjali a Sri Baba Ramdev company has made a ayurvedic syrup for cold and cough which is made of leaves and roots which helps us too forever remove the problem of cough and cold. Cold becomes barrier in many things it causes headache, breathing problem and breathing from the mouth is not good.
It has no side effect and is 100% safe and by our customer reveiws it sounds to be very effective and safe for daily dosage. Have a free life from cough and cold.