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Divya Tejus Tailum(Oil) For Face-Patanjali

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Divya Tejus Tailum:

As a natural remedy,Divya Tejus Talium is one of the effective product which helps to fight against severe and widespread problem of hair fall and skin problems. It is a product of very famous company Patanjali also known as Divya pharmacy.There are various skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal infection, acne, impetigo etc, which not only affects their exposed personality but somewhere affects the mental condition of being looking not good and ultimately lowers down the self confidence . Common hair problems such as dandruff,hair fall,scalp itching,graying of hair which not only reduces the hair also affect our personality. Four all such problems Divya Tejus Talium is one such which can root out the problem very effectively and easily.

Product Size:100ml

Divya Tejus Tailam Benefits:

Patanjali Tejus Talium, a natural oil for skin and hair nourishment which gives you long and strong hairs, its benefits and good effects are beyond description. Some are as follows-

  •  One can use this as natural oil for hair loss.
  • It Prevents dandruff and itching of the scalp.
  • It Provides nourishment to the scalp and provides natural growth to hair .
  • Tejus Tailum Makes your skin shining and glowing by providing essential nutrients to it.
  • This oil Prevents the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines etc.
  • This product Prevents premature graying of hair by doing regular head massage from the oil.
  • It is Very useful against disease such as dermatitis .
  • It Reduces dryness of the skin more effectively winter dryness.

Divya Tejus Tailum Dosage:

The recommended dose is to apply the oil on body and hair to cover it whole 5-10 ml, twice or thrice, as suitable for best results. For external use only.
Diet recommendation during Product use:-

  • Food staffs rich in skin such as seafood and spinach would be very healthy for the skin glow and hair growth.
  • Dark chocolate is one source which can help out though this.
  • Another useful tip is the intake of vitamin B6, either in table for diet form, whatever suitable.
  • Green tea is also one such remedy which can help against hair loss.
  • Eggs can provide a great way through which we can make our skin look healthy and prevent hair loss.

Precautions during Usage:-
Avoid going direct to the sun, cover your face and hair and other exposed body parts to prevent sun tanning. Use protective goggles while driving to prevent sun burn. Do not comb up our hair while wet, always cover hair while going out from sunscreen in body or Patanjali Tejus Talium before moving out from home.


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