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Brahmi ghrit Baidyanath is excellent herbal remedy for the brain.It is pure ayurvedic product which is indicated in inanity and sorts of memory. Brahmi Ghrit is a product of very famous company Baidyanath and comes in the form of liquid(ghee).This medicine is very useful in amnesia.Basically amnesia is a condition in which the memory is weak or person not able to remember things for long time.However,the main ingredients of this medicine is brahmi,It is one the best herb for the brain and used in many brain tonics.

Brahmi Ghrit Benefits:

  • It is excellent herbal remedy for the brain
  • It is specifically for insanity and sort of memory
  • This medicine is also useful in epilepsyinsanity
  • This medicine is aletrative
  • Brahmi Ghrit is effective in epilepsy
  • This medicine is commonly used for the treatment of insomnia

Brahmi Ghrit Ingredients:

  • Vacha,
  • Brahmi
  • Kust
  • Shankhapushpi
  • Go ghrita etc.

Brahmi Ghrit Dosage:

You can take one to two spoonful with milk and sugar.However,if one suffers from diabetes than sugar should be avoided

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