Hernia Medicines Ayurvedic

Hernia is now days most common in middle age people and ederly woman. It is caused by intake pf spicy food and over eating, stress, anxiety, anger, fear and tension play important role in increasing this disease.
Ayurveda is known by everyone, removes this disease from the root. Physical inabilities like short oesophagus can also cause this disease.
Form ayurvedic treatments fluidity of pitta dosh increases and extinguishes the gastric fire. Late night meals, heat increasing spices like onion, garlic, pepper and chilli, tea coffee, carbonated drinks and junkfood utems should also be avoided. Eating pomegranate are good in this disease.
Below are the medicines fo ayurveda which are 100% safe and made by all natural ingredients it has no side effects. They sound to be very effective by the reviews of our customers.