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Patanjali Godhan Ark(Gomutra)|Divya Pharmacy

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Patanjali Godhan Ark:

Patanjali godhan ark is purified cow urine and is very one of the best herbal product for our body.It is very useful in treatment related to liver,stomach,diabetes,eczema cancer and many other diseases. Patanjali cow urine is very valuable for cancer patient.It helps in curing many health problems.It is a product which has shown positive results in curing the jaundice.Cow urine is also used by people to reduce the weight.This product comes in liquid form.It is a product of very famous company Divya Pharmacy by Swami Ramdev.Use of this product also helpful in all types of skin problems.

Product Size:455 ml pure vegetarian

Benefits Of Patanjali Godhan Ark:

  • Divya gomutra is very effective herbal remedy for liver and stomach
  • It is also very effective in skin diseases
  • This tonic helps to boos the immunity power of the body
  • It is beneficial for cancer patients
  • It is very useful in general debility and obesity
  • Use of gomutra gives relief from cold,cough and asthma
  • It is a pure ayurvedic medicine made of some great natural herbs
  • There is no known side effects of this product as it is made of purified urine.

Therapeutic uses:
Patanjali godhan ark found to be very effective in abdominal disease and general debility.Cow urine is an important herbal remedy for cancer patients .it has a lot of medical values.It gives us good health and active mind.This tonic also helps to give strong body.Regular use of this tonic helps to fight with many diseases.Gomutra is helps to cure all types of skin problems.It also helps to reduce weight.

Patanjali Godhan Ark Dosage:

For Adult:

  • Take 10ml ark and 10gm of honey and 25ml of water.Make a fine mixture of these three products.Take this mixture two times in a day in morning and before sleeping with empty stomach.
    For Children:
  • In case of children reduce the dosage half

Additional information

Weight 455 g

1 review for Patanjali Godhan Ark(Gomutra)|Divya Pharmacy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Gordhan ark is very useful for every paitent
    It cure many disease , my grandmaa used this,dr recommend this when c was having treatment for cancer , it works

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